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Young scientists (under 35 years old), PhD students, master students, and graduate students are invited for participation in the Conference as main speakers. 200 persons are expected to attend the Conference. About 80 oral presentations (for 15 minutes) and more than 100 posters (poster size:  65 cm width, 90 cm height) are planned for scientific program.


English is the official language of the Conference.


Scientific program

Conference will cover major frontier topics in modern polymer chemistry and physics.


Section 1. Polymer synthesis and modification

  • radical polymerization; ionic polymerization; polycondensation; catalytic polymerization; copolymerization; modification of macromolecules

Section 2. Physicochemical properties of polymers

  • molecular characteristics; rheological properties; mechanical properties; optical properties; polymers solutions and melts; crystalline and glassy polymers

Section 3. Polymer composite materials

  • thermoplastic polymer composite materials; nucleation, crystallization and melting; mechanical and thermal properties

Section 4. Bio-related and medical polymers

  • biomacromolecules; biomimetic polymers; bio-hybrid polymers; biomolecular recognition; polymers for medical uses; drug delivery systems; polymer biocomposite materials

Section 5. Theory and simulation

  • Multiscale simulation of polymer systems; polymer structure and dynamics; critical phenomena and phase transitions; simulations of polymer crystallization; polymer networks; liquid-crystalline polymers; polyelectrolytes; functional polymers with complex structure; polymer membranes; polymer composite materials

Section 6. Polymer applications

  • polymer materials for microelectronics, optics, and optoelectronics; polymer applications and ecology; polymer processing and utilization; polymer membranes

Organizing Committee has invited the leading scientists in polymer science to present plenary lectures.


Marina Saphiannikova (Germany)

Field-controllable polymer materials for mechanical applications

Ekaterina Skorb (Russia)

Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Assembly: Spatiotemporal Control of Ion Concentration Gradient in Dissipative System

Mengbo Luo (China)

Translocation of polymer chain through nanopores

Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy (United Kingdom)

Designing novel polymeric systems for transmucosal drug delivery

Ulrich Schubert (Germany)

Polymer-based batteries: Synthesis and characterization of charged redox-active polymers

Felix Plamper (Germany)

Non-Equilibrium Polymer Systems